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DCC Designer of the Month – JULY

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“Successfully creating an inspiring and functional kitchen is to create a space you never want to leave.”  -Andrea De Caria


Andrea De Caria


How long have you been at Deslaurier?
“I actually worked at Deslaurier in my twenties in a design support role then left to start a family. After re-entering the work force, I worked for a developer for many years. I have now been back at Deslaurier for almost 2 years.”

How would you describe your personal style?
“I can appreciate all styles, but I love an eclectic mix of old and new which gives depth and personality to a space.”

Why did you get into kitchen design?
“My background is in interior design and after many years of building custom homes & working for a developer on various residential and commercial projects I was looking for a change. I liked the idea of a working on intricate specialized spaces and the kitchen truly is the heart of the home.”

How do you find inspiration when you help a customer design a space?
“I try to learn as much as I can about my clients. It helps that I’m a people person and I love asking questions. From here, I generally have a good idea which direction we will go.
Clients do often have an idea of how they envision the finished product but it’s my job to work through all the many details and bring it to life.”

What is the thing you most enjoy about your job?
“Meeting great people and the variety that it brings.”

In your spare time, what do you do for fun?
“I’m fascinated by health, wellness & nutrition and love sharing my knowledge and trying out new recipes.”

Fun fact about you:
“Apparently, I laugh like the count on Sesame Street.”