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Darien is a graduate from Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. After earning two diplomas, her enthusiastic passion for the industry communicates through her work. Darien has found her calling in the Kitchen and Bath Design field. Communicating both in French and English, she will provide Deslaurier clients with excellent design service.


The Kitchen Is The Heart Of Your Home


For many reasons, we always end up spending most of our time in the kitchen. Not only does food stimulate our body and soul, but more and more people find passion in cooking and preparing food that will bring great health benefits long-term for you and your family.  There are lots of ways to decompress after a long day, it seems most of us head straight to the kitchen. With this being said; finding exactly what you need, in a warm and welcoming space that was designed specifically for you, is what you deserve.

Now that we are all living in the 20th century, kitchen dynamics have shifted. We all know that the kitchen is a room for everyone. With all the different layouts and open concept designs, everyone can be in the kitchen doing something different at once. Everyday tasks, homework, browsing the computer; are making their way into the kitchen. With the right guidance, your kitchen can be designed to welcome and encourage family and friends to get together in one common space.

Your kitchen should make a statement. As most of you may already know, when considering your next move, the kitchen holds the most re-sale value of the home. It is the most useful place to invest in upgrades. This space should be able to turn a “not so good day” into a fantastic day. Stimulating design should make your entire experience in the kitchen smooth and effortless. Working with experienced and passionate designers can turn your dream kitchen into reality.

Now that our wonderful technology keeps improving, I want to share the importance of organization in your kitchen. We all live stressful lives, coming home after a long day should be a place to un-wind and relax. With new inner cabinet accessories, you can have a dedicated space for all of your kitchen necessities. Cooking enthusiasts, have multiple different spices, utensils, oils and many more. To ease searching through a drawer, you can have a dedicated cabinet built to hold all of your spices and oils. Inner drawer dividers can separate your utensils in all of their various sizes. Recycling systems can pull-out of a base cabinet, and corner solutions can improve always having to get down on hand and knees searching for what you need.

Your kitchen and bathroom, are the only two rooms in a home that serve a dedicated purpose and cannot be used for something else. Whether it’s a small, or large kitchen; you can always improve its function by minimizing wasted space.

At one point in time, kitchens were quiet rooms, now they are full of high energy and beautiful aroma.

“Kitchens should be designed around what’s truly important…fun, food and life.”    
-Chef Daniel Boulud