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With both a Computer Security background and experience in the construction industry, Brooks was a great fit with Deslaurier when he came on board in 2007. He has been with Deslaurier for 10 years and has been active in many facets of the business. Brooks currently looks after Deslaurier's Social Media platforms while providing IT and technical support concurrently.


CAMBRIA: FAMILY OWNED. AMERICAN MADE. But proudly represented in Canada. ????


On June 20th, Deslaurier Custom Cabinets personnel, along with partners Urban Quarry, departed for Minnesota, USA to visit the Cambria headquarters and partake in The Cambria Experience.  Needless to say, the experience did not disappoint!  For those of you who may or may not be familiar with Cambria, they are a line of natural quartz countertops that we are very proud to carry in our showroom, supplied to us by our wonderful local partner Urban Quarry.

We arrived in Minnesota on the evening of June 20th.  With little time to prepare, we checked into our hotel rooms and readied ourselves for what would turn out to be a marvelous dinner at Murray’s steakhouse in the downtown core.

On the 21st, we arose bright and early and began our journey to the New Sweden Dairy.  “Why a dairy?” you may ask…  Because that’s where the Davis family, the founding family of Cambria, got their start.  It’s a pretty stunning operation to be honest…  They use rotary milking parlors to keep things moving. Every 7 seconds, a new cow steps on, and in 5–6 minutes is milked. Each cow has an RFID tag, so the computer knows which cow is in which stall, and how much milk she’s producing. They use this information to help make sure she’s healthy. Each cow is milked 3 times a day, producing about 7 gallons total.  Needless to say, the operation produces an exorbitant amount of milk on a daily basis.  What is also fascinating is that approximately 40 calves are birthed on the farm, each and every day.  While we didn’t see a full birth take place, we were witnesses to 4 heifers simultaneously in labour and close to calving.  The most incredible part of the tour was the fact that not one cow moo’d while we were there.  The cows are so happy and so comfortable, that you can hardly hear a pin drop; even from the ones giving birth.

From there, we went to Cambria’s state-of-the-art million square foot manufacturing facility.  The amazement did not stop there.  The facility is fascinating and could be one of the cleanest ‘factory’ like settings you’ll ever see.  We saw where the raw materials are brought in, where everything is processed, and even saw a slab of Cambria going down the line.  There are a lot of proprietary processes which take place at all of their facilities, so pictures were not allowed in most locations, understandably.  The Cambria fabrication process is like no other.  They use the finest, purest, quartz raw materials.  Their surfaces are basically maintenance free, as they are stain resistant and non-porous.  It was a treat to learn more about the product, but also to see it being made first hand.

After lunch we attended the Cambria Fab Shop down the road from their manufacturing facility.  We were treated to a very informative tour here as well and saw every step of the fabrication process from raw slab materials, to cutout, to finishing, to their extensive quality control processes and program, to final shipment of the product.  The Fab Shop services the state of Minnesota and four other adjacent states.

On the 22nd, we began our day by attending a Cambria gallery in another part of town.  Whilst there, we were given a wonderful presentation by a very charismatic member of the Cambria team, Mr. Mick Frank.  Mick talked to the team about a wide variety of topics with respect to the sales process and to say he was informative would be an understatement!

From there, we left the showroom en route to Target Field to take in a Twins MLB baseball game in the private Cambria suite, an experience like no other.  At the game, we met Mark & Mary Davis, the patriarch and matriarch of Davis Family Holdings, as well as their son Marty, the founder and current President & CEO of Cambria.  Probably the most refreshing part of the experience was not only meeting the founding members of the family holdings, but more so how down to earth, genuine, humble, and likeable the family was.  Cambria and the Davis family are a class act and it was truly a pleasure meeting them and getting to know them and their operation(s).

On behalf of Deslaurier, I’d like to thank our partners Urban Quarry (Laurent & Serge Bellavance, Chris Bjornestad), Cambria, and the Davis Family, for allowing us to intake The Cambria Experience.  Their hospitality was next to none.  We are very grateful for the opportunity we were given, to see the Cambria world up close and personal.  I also want to thank our guides for the week, Jim Shannon (Cambria District manager) and Melissa Wong (Eastern Canada Market Rep), for making sure we were always in the right place at the right time, informed, and had what we needed.  Without their guidance, the trip would not have been what is was, nor as informative as it was.  Thank you, kindly, on behalf of myself and the rest of the Deslaurier team.