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Gina is a 20 year veteran of the industry and has been with Deslaurier since 2002.  Gina is an Interior Designer by trade and offers full service design. She has won numerous awards with the GOHBA, the OCHBA and was previously a 2015 Best of Houzz – Service award winner.


Before And After


I recently attended an awards gala for the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) Kitchen and Bath Design Competition, an exciting event that recognizes leaders in the industry by showcasing all the beautiful work that we, as designers, undertake.

As part of the presentation, the MC of the awards did a segment on ‘before and after’ renovations. I found this segment particularly interesting. We, as designers and clients, often tend to get so busy and sidetracked that we forget to review the process that we undertook from start to finish. It is easy to lose track of how much of a change we can make in a person’s life and living environment.

A renovation can span two months to two years (or more) from start to finish! It is sometimes hard to believe that we are involved in the lives of our clients for that long. We start from an initial “wish list” and usually progress to a very detailed (and often extensive) planning process. Once the renovations are underway and the walls have been ripped down (when necessary), the new results slowly filter in and we often forget about where it all started. From the old stipple ceiling – yellowed and dusty, to the green and yellow vinyl flooring – finally being lifted, to the old and broken-down almond appliances – making way for gleaming new stainless steel (working) ones! Oh, and don’t forget when the walls come down! The walls that once housed the small, dark, cramped kitchen. The walls that blocked all the light and secluded the chef from the rest of the house. Suddenly, the space is alive, refreshed and you can feel the new energy radiating from not just the space, but the clients as well.

It is a very rewarding feeling to see the end result of a project, but even more so once you go back and look at where it all started. Below are a few projects I have worked on, that were transformed from what we may consider an eyesore and an annoyance – to a beautiful and functional space that has changed the way a family lives. ‘Before’ pictures on top, ‘After’ pictures below. Take a peek.