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Victoria has worked at Deslaurier for about two years and was recently promoted to a full-time Design Support role this past spring. She mainly works alongside Myra Flipsen, a well-established Designer for Deslaurier, to assist with drawing, estimating, administration, and small projects for others when needed. Victoria loves the diversity of her work and the design industry.


Designing To Increase Functionality & Maximize Storage Capacity


Have you ever struggled to get out that extra large pan you keep hidden at the back of your corner cabinet?

Have you ever had a plastic lid avalanche while you’re trying to find that lid to fit that one round container?

 Do you ever find yourself frantically running around your kitchen, grabbing spices and utensils, while you cook up your favorite meal?

These are all classic kitchen problems that can be easily avoided with a functional and well-organized kitchen that is designed to store everything just where you need it.

Often you fall in love with “the look” of your dream kitchen, but it is also so important to consider “the guts” of your kitchen and its layout. You need to use your kitchen and it needs to work for you in addition to being beautiful. Though drawer tracks, hinges, and organizational systems don’t always get a lot of attention, and may not always be the most glamorous component of your kitchen or bathroom, they play a huge role in how your room functions.

Blum is the primary manufacturer/supplier of Deslaurier’s interior hardware – the inner components and mechanics of our cabinetry. I was able to join a small group of Deslaurier employees on a trip to the Blum headquarters in Mississauga in October for extra training. Over the two days there, I was reminded of the importance of designing for functionality and not just for aesthetics. Blum focuses a lot of attention on functionality and motion of cabinetry, and develops hardware and accessories that we use at Deslaurier to improve the quality and functionality of our cabinetry.

What do you need to use and store in your kitchen? If you took an inventory of all of the items in your kitchen what would there be?

Through extensive research, Blum has found that there are really 5 categories of items in every kitchen: consumables (food items), non-consumables (plates, cutlery, storage containers), prep-ware (cutting boards, knives, graters, etc), cook-ware (pots, pans, cooking utensils, etc), and cleaning supplies (soap, sponges, garbage bags, etc). Using this knowledge and considering each of the items that need to be stored, we can plan and organize your space appropriately.

We strive to increase functionality wherever possible. In general, designing kitchens with drawers and pull-outs in your lower cabinets will maximize storage capacity and accessibility, while inserts and other accessories will help to organize and create different working zones. You can have inserts such as cutlery or utensil trays to organize otherwise messy drawers. Plate racks and drawer dividers from our Ambialine or Orgaline organizational systems can also be installed in your deep drawers to separate storage containers and lids, pots and pans, or even food boxes from cans and jars.

Roll-out shelving in your lower cabinets or in a tall pantry can also significantly increase your ability to see and reach everything inside your cabinet. Instead of straining your neck to see to the back of your lower cabinet, you can easily extend your pull-out to see the entire shelf at once. We also carry a variety of corner solutions, recycle centers, and utensil pull-outs to pack extra function into every cabinet if you so choose.

The designers at Deslaurier have the ability to build organization right into your cabinetry so that the space is ready to store anything you might have, while ensuring that each area of your room has function. In your beautiful dream kitchen you will not struggle to find what you need or have any trouble navigating while you prepare meals. Your designer will combine products and accessories to tailor the space to your needs while designing a kitchen that not only has “the look” you want, but also “the guts” you need.

Visit our showroom to get ideas of the different accessories we carry and speak to one of our knowledgeable designers about how to best plan and organize your dream kitchen!