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Marc is approaching his ten year anniversary with Deslaurier Custom Cabinets and carries with him, a wealth of past and current experience in the industry. Marc has recently made the transition from Retail Kitchen Designer to Installations Inspector and is enjoying every minute of his new venture. Marc has been and continues to be an integral part of the Deslaurier Team, striving for satisfaction in every inspection he completes.


Did You Know That We Inspect Every Kitchen?


I had one of the coolest experiences of my career in the kitchen cabinet industry the other day while I was inspecting a new kitchen installation… The homeowner was not home when I arrived, as she was staying at the cottage with her two children during an extensive renovation to her home. I had my head down, typing my report on my notebook, when a scream startled me. Turning quickly, I saw the home owner clutching her children’s hands, her eyes wide open, as she exclaimed: “THIS IS MY NEW KTICHEN!” Yes, you guessed it, she was totally ecstatic with the beauty of her new kitchen cabinets and the new life the space was beginning to take on. The funny part is, it was not even complete yet! With new quartz countertops on the way and both tile/lighting work to come, I knew this was going to be one beautiful kitchen with a very happy owner, for many years to come.

After she caught her breath, I introduced myself as one of the inspectors with Deslaurier Custom Cabinets and informed her that I was there to perform the very important task of inspecting the kitchen cabinets after their installation. The inspection is an integral part of every job and is performed swiftly after each and every installation. We do this for a number of different reasons, the first of which is to be proactive. We know that as a major manufacturer of quality cabinetry, from the point of production to the point of installation, that there may be a few bumps and bruises along the way or perhaps a glitch or two. We also appreciate that our clients have trusted us with such an important purchase and, as such, we do not want the onus to be on them to identify the issues; nor should they subsequently have to chase us down for service issues that may have arisen.

That being said, you are welcome to make notes of issues you may have noticed or even leave sticky notes on the cabinetry to identify a required touch-up.  Nonetheless, rest assured that the inspector will still be doing an extensive inspection, checking to make sure that the kitchen was installed in accordance with the plans you signed off on, checking the quality of the installation, checking for blemishes or defects in the materials, ensuring that all hinges and drawer slides are functioning properly, and checking openings and clearances for the appliances you provided specifications for. Upon the completion of the inspection, a comprehensive report will be left with you for your reference. A copy of this report along with a parts order (if required) will be sent into our Service Department where one of our service coordinators will take over. They will order the parts, assign a service technician and schedule a date for the completion of the work. If there were any urgent items on the list, ie. something that will impede the installation of stone countertops, appliances, or affect the work of another trade, then the inspector would tag that as an HPI (High Priority Item) and that particular issue will be addressed and completed (typically) within a week.

Starting this year, we have expanded the role of the installations inspector. If you are preparing to embark on a major renovation to your home, or perhaps you are building a large custom home, we will now schedule the inspector to meet with you and/or your builder/renovator two weeks prior to the installation. This helps us to ensure that the site is ready for the arrival of the cabinetry. A double check of the measurements, a review of the plumbing/electrical rough-in’s, and a review of the timelines (in case it is necessary to reschedule the installation) will all take place within this visit. The inspector will have reviewed the design with the designer and will also be on site at the start date of the installation to address any questions or concerns that the installer may have. The inspector will continue to liaise between the designer, installer, and contractor until the job is satisfactorily completed. The final inspection will then of course follow.

No two kitchens are the same and it is always very exciting to step into the next kitchen and be amazed. I am looking forward to seeing your kitchen!…