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Wendy has been in the design business for over 20 years.  A recent addition to the Deslaurier team, Wendy is also a graduate of the Interior Design program at Algonquin College.  She has experience in many aspects of design including flooring and commercial millwork, and brings a wealth of knowledge to her custom home and renovation clients.


Take A Page From The Boy Scout's Handbook – "BE PREPARED"


With spring come home renovations. Kitchen and bathrooms are always top of the list. They are, after all, the most used rooms in the home and therefore take the most abuse. If you are amongst one of those thinking of a summer kitchen or bathroom reno, take a page from the Boys Scout's handbook and "Be Prepared". Here's what you need to know before you meet with a kitchen designer.

BE PREPARED – go to the appointment with your kitchen designer with floor plans, elevations, photos, and measurements of the space that you are considering renovating. This will help your kitchen and bathroom designer design your kitchen more accurately. Cabinets come in many sizes and configurations and it's best to know what types of cabinets work best for your lifestyle, so also bring along a wish list.

BE PREPARED – to talk appliances. An important part of any kitchen is appliances. Go to your first design appointment armed with the specifications of all your appliances. Since your designer cannot change the size of the appliances, but CAN change the size of the cabinetry, have the appliances selected first. It will save time and lessen errors in the design and ordering process. 

BE PREPARED – to spend an hour or more with your designer during your first appointment. Reviewing the layout, cabinet configuration, construction of the cabinetry, door styles and colours, door materials, interior components, hardware, countertops, etc, all takes time.  There are lots of choices, so do a little looking online at "home design" websites such as Pintrest or Houzz (don’t forget our own Deslaurier website). The more you do ahead of the appointment to determine your own personal style, the easier it is for your designer to pin point which products will be best for your new kitchen or bathroom.

BE PREPARED – to wait at least a week before you have the preliminary design back from you designer. Your kitchen designer will have to draw your kitchen in order to price it. It takes some time to create the plan and elevations for each client.  Every cabinet is picked from an extensive catalogue with careful consideration to aesthetics, functionality, and the client’s personal taste. 

BE PREPARED – to wait anywhere from 4-6 weeks for your kitchen to be manufactured. Some manufacturers have an inventory of cabinets waiting for your order, but at Deslaurier, your cabinets are "Made-to-Order" so nothing is built until you say go. 

BE PREPARED – for a few days of mess. Your new kitchen installation will take a few days depending on the size and complexity.  It will look fantastic once everything is installed and operational, however, they don't come to site put together. The cabinets and components will be delivered to site, wrapped in cardboard and cellophane and will take up a lot of space, so be prepared to have a place for the delivery guys to put them. The installer will unwrap and install each cabinet plumb and level, one by one. The finishing pieces will be cut on site to the exact size required. With cutting comes saw dust, so be prepared to have a dusty site until they are finished. Our installers are good to clean up after themselves.

BE PREPARED – to wait for your countertops. Once your kitchen is installed, the countertop supplier will template your cabinets so they can fabricate your countertops. This is typical if you are getting a stone top, such as quartz, granite, or marble, but can also be said of concrete or stainless. Laminate countertops don't generally require templating and are typically installed with your cabinetry.

BE PREPARED – To have an inspection of the kitchen within a few days following the installation. The inspector will check over the entire kitchen for deficiencies in the installation and manufacturing. Any issues in the design, manufacturing, and installation will be recorded in a service report. Any parts required will be ordered and service will be scheduled at a later date. Any issues that hold up another trade or you living in your space will be addressed with urgency so as not to hold up the renovation more than usual. 

BE PREPARED – to enjoy your new kitchen. It would be hard not to!