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Danielle is an accomplished kitchen designer with several OCHBA design awards and hundreds of happy clients.  She began her career studying Architecture at Loyalist College, after receiving the Eastern Ontario drafting services award and top female track athlete distinction at her high school graduation.  Joining the Deslaurier team in 1998 seemed like a natural fit for the quick witted valley girl with a passion for design.


The Suspended Cabinet


Suspended cabinetry is an increasingly popular choice for today’s bathroom vanity.  Clean lined, modern cabinetry, which appears to be floating.  As you can see from the photos, less is really more.

Forego legs and decorative mouldings for straight line details and consider a simple door style, such as our flat slab Urban door, to achieve an uncluttered sleek look.  A combination of wide doors and drawers can be used for longer vanities or add in an open shelf for towel storage.  In smaller spaces, an oversized width drawer is on trend.  If you’re using drawer cabinets where a sink is located, the inside of the drawer will require a 'u- shape' notch to fit around the plumbing.

A few pre-installation considerations:
– The wall behind the cabinetry will be supporting a few hundred pounds and will need to be structurally sound.
– Complete the flooring, baseboard trim, and paint in full below the vanity, as they will all be visible.
– Upgrade the plumbing below the sink to chrome, prepare to clad it with the same material as the cabinet, or use paint grade material to match the wall.  Nothing is tackier than exposed black ABS pipes and plastic tubing!

A few perks to suspended cabinetry:
– Lights could be added to the underside of the cabinetry or a fun detail added in the floor tile.
– Optional counter heights are available.  Long gone are the days of only 32" high vanities; consider between 34" and 36".
– The open space below is a perfect spot to store a stool for kids while they are growing.

A word of caution, suspended cabinetry is not intended to carry additional heavy weight.  That being said, be careful not to prop yourself up on the top to clean the mirror or light fixture.

At the end of the day, have some fun with your design!  This is the first place you go in the morning and the last place before bed.